Stop Google Play From Automatic Update Apps Over WiFi

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Hey guys, today i am gonna show you that how you can stop auto updates apps from Google Play. You may have faced an issue when your android gets update automatically. Similarly, This is so irritating situation for any android user. In this case, sometimes your android phone may struck and work slow than usually. Moreover, Your internet may use more than usual in this situation. No one love to update apps automatically specially when you are working on your phone. Also have a look on GBWhatsApp for android which is the best mod for whatsapp.Download to Hide Apps on Android Phone Easily.Download to To Capture Photos And Selfies By Whistle.

Stop Google Play From Automatic Update Apps Over WiFi

Today everyone uses most of the apps on their android but they don’t wanna update the apps because it irritates everyone. For instance, if you are doing any important task on your mobile or doing anything and your phone working slowly then what would you do? You will definitely feel awkward and irritate as well.Download 7 Best Compass Apps.Download Aptoide Lite Download APK.
By the way, android user compromise on many things but never on work speed. Every android user love to use high speed phone that never ever slow on anytime but auto updates the apps is the task which is difficult for android phones also in some situations. Hence, Google provide some options for android users so that they never face any trouble regarding update the apps.Download 7 Best Compass Apps.

Options Available on Google Play

Well, there are three different ways to update apps that google provide to its users. Most of the people won’t update their apps to be auto. They are likely to update mostly their used apps on android for instance, manually updated apps. So the first way to updated apps is manually update apps which means your apps won’t update auto until user never do it by manual according to your need. By the way mostly users prefer this way to update their apps.Download To View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome In PC.
Similarly, the second way to updated apps through your 3G and 4G internet career. Mostly people love to use 4G data connection because service provider provide good data plans in 4G. So, this could be say that many people can use 4G internet to update their android apps from Google Play Store. Now a days, many people still use career internet connection such as 3G or 4G to use internet and update their android apps. Furthermore, when mobile connects to internet connection, generally apps updated auto by default.Download To Install Remix OS On PC.

There are some handy options provided by Google for users.

  • Don’t update apps.
  • Auto-update apps, data charges may Apply (3G/4G).
  • Auto-update apps over WiFi only.

Now come to the third option available for android user is update applications over their WiFi. Today in modern era you’ll see that 90% people use WiFi to update their android apps. Everyone has WiFi on their houses,offices even in clubs,universities and high schools. Similarly, no every person is able to afford 3G or 4G data charges now a days, that’s why people use WiFi. Sometimes if you don’t have internet connection in your house or office then you can share WiFi from your friend or colleague to use internet smoothly.

How To Stop Google Play From Automatically Update Apps Over WiFi

  • First you have to launch Google Play Store, When it open then click on the more actions icon at the top left corner of the app.
  • Now just go to settings option and tap on it.
  • After opening settings on your Google Play Store now you will see, there will be many general settings show here. Also you will see an option named as “Auto-update” apps.
  • If you want that your apps should be update automatically then this option is pretty good for you. Your apps will be auto update through this option whenever developers releases the new updates. Similarly, if this option primary select than data charges will be apply whenever possible.
  • If you are looking for changing this option then tap on Auto-update option. A message will pop-up with 3 options such as, 1) Do not auto-update apps. 2) Auto update apps at any time, data charges may apply. 3) Auto-update apps over WiFi Only.
  • If you select the first option 1) Do not auto update apps then your apps will not be auto update while it will ask permission or you have to manually update apps.
  • You can also checkout the notification settings. Let me clear that if you select the Do not auto update apps then notifications will be notify you about new update release and updates all applications. There will be two options there such as, 1) Auto updates available. 2) App were auto-updated.

If you tap on the first option (Auto updates available) then it will notify you about new updates available for your apps. Second option is for (Apps were auto-updated) that notify you about which apps are auto updated recently.


So friends, these are the simple steps that you need to follow carefully while choosing best option for you. We also provided the screenshots in instructions so that you will never face any issue or trouble regarding this article. From these simple steps now you are able to stop auto updates apps on Google Play Store over your WiFi. We have tried our best to share every detail regarding this issue on our blog. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps on your android.

Moreover, if you face any issue or questions raised on your mind regarding this article then you can contact us by your comments in our comment section. Also don’t forget to check GBWhatsApp which is the amazing and popular mod of whatsapp. In which you can hide your online status, typing status etc. Share this article with your friends as many as you can. Keep visit our blog modapkplus  for more cool stuff like this. Have Fun guys.

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