Message To Someone On Whatsapp who Has Blocked You

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In this tutorial i am going to show you that how to message someone who has blocked you on whatsapp. Just follow the article and you will be able to convey your message to person who blocked you. Whatsapp is the instant message app which is the most popular and amazing all over the world. Similarly, It is the part of our daily life routine. Moreover, when somebody blocked you on the whatsapp that is so irritating and frustrating. In this case, you’ll not be able to send any text messages, share photos and videos, even can’t see someone’s profile,stories and status etc.

Message To Someone On Whatsapp who Has Blocked You


May be you in a relationship so might be possible that your boyfriend/girlfriend blocked you on whatsapp in any hard situation. You want to convey a important message or show something to person who has blocked you then be with us. This article is specially for those people who are blocked by any reason and want to send sms. Hence, we have decided to post this article with easy method. Well, there is another method available that could be problematic. You will have to delete your whatsapp account then recreate it any doing so.

So, we are suggesting you the method is to easy, convenient. Lets have a look on complete guide and also checkout that how to convert whatsapp chat into text format. In this method you need third person with whatsapp account and group as well. In this case, you will be able to convey your sms to person who blocked you on whatsapp. So make sure the third person is mutual friend of you and person who blocked you, if you don’t want any trouble.

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How to Send SMS A Person Who Has Blocked You On Whatsapp

  • You need third person with whatsapp account and group as well. Make sure third person should be mutual friend between you both.
  • Third person needs to create group with you and person who blocked you.
  • On the next step, make sure your mutual friend make this group consistent only with you and person who blocked you.
  • Now fun part comes out, ask your friend to left the group. To left group tell friend to go to top on the group name and choose exit group. Then confirm exit group message and your friend will be exit from group.
  • After he left the group, you and person who blocked you will be on the group.
  • Now you can send you message to group, a person who blocked you can now see you sms. Now it is upto that person that he/she reply you or not.


So guys, from this trick you are able to send sms and can persuade him/her to clarify the misconceptions between you both and tackle the situation. Now convey your sms to that person on group before If he/she leave the group so that he/she can read the messages. If the person left the group after readout the message that you conveyed already then you can’t do anything to persuade that person. My personal suggestions to you leave the person alone.

Don’t bother guys give some time to the person, everything will be fine as always do. This is the part of life. May you have fine conversation with everyone. I hope you like this article and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Stay touch with us and keep visit our blog modapkplus for more tips and tricks for free. Thank you so much for your love. Have fun friends.

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