How To View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome In PC

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Hey guys, today i am going to show you that how to view save password on Google Chrome. You may heard about google chrome or use it on your PC for using internet. Similarly, Google chrome is the web based browser that was initially released in 2008. Many times, your google chrome browser saves the password that you use in different sites online. Google chrome has auto-fill feature that save your information like password, user name etc that you put on various sites. Hence, next time you don’t have to need give your username and password etc on those site because Google Chrome has saved it already.Download Best Free Wallpapers Apps.

How To View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome In PC

Remember that Google chrome will save your every information such as, username, passwords, history, bookmarks and other customization settings. Sometimes you have no your system like PC and your are using Google browser on other system, Now you are not seeing any information that saves with your google account. You need to sign in to your google account on that system after successfully sign in to your google account. All your save information like username, password history and bookmarks will appear there. Isn’t cool thing guys? To save your information so that next time you don’t need to do a lot of work you need to do simple thing.

Sign In to your google account so that google chrome saves your all information. So today, we are going to share some tips about Google Chrome and what is it? In this post we are gonna show you that how to manage and view saved passwords on Google Chrome in your computer. Now let’s have a look below.Download to Access Blocked Websites On School.

How To View Saved Password On Google Chrome

  • Firstly launch Google Chrome.
  • Click on the menu tab at the top right of the corner.
  • Must sign in with your google account if you not done.
  • Now open settings in Google Chrome and scroll down then tap on show advance settings.
  • You will see the Password and forms section. Now select the Manage password.
  • After clicking on manage password, list will be show there with the websites and their username and password as well.
  • The password will be hidden as asterisk form, If you want to show the password then you need to click on show password, it will ask you to enter you Windows Login Password. When it done the all password will be show to you.
  • Now you can view or delete the passwords. The three doted option on each password let you see the details and delete the password of particular website.
  • You will see eye icon there. You can show the hidden password from eye icon.
  • This all list will let you view the passwords, manage and delete the username and  passwords that you have used on various websites.

Now come to the next point, from this method you are now able to view the passwords and username of particular website. The next step is how to save username and password on Google Chrome on your Computer.

How To Save Passwords in Google Chrome

Sign In to your Google Chrome

  • When you open and start using Google Chrome, You can sign in using your Google Account. It will ensure that at anytime you can access all your information such as username, passwords, bookmarks, history and other customization settings.
  • Now first you have to launch Google Chrome browser then click on the menu button at top right on the corner of the browser.
  • There is option will be available for sign into google account with blue tab. Tap on it.
  • Now enter your gmail id on email text bar then insert your password as well and sign in. When it completely done.
  • When you successfully log in to your google account then figurehead will be show there with your name.
  • You can now customize your setting according to your needs.
  • The next step is about to go in your settings. Go to three dots at the right top on the corner of your browser and find settings. Now tap on it.
  • There is alternative method to go to your browser settings. chrome://settings just enter this address to your browser address and hit enter. You will automatically go to your browser settings, now go to show advance settings.
  • Under the advance settings now you will see the Password and forms section just like given in screenshot.
  • here you can select and deselect the option. first option is to enable auto fill and second one is to offer to save your password in google chrome. You can select/Deselect both options as per your need.
  • Now talk about these two features powered by google chrome. First option is enable auto fill which means whenever you give your username and password on the site. It will remember all the information such as username and password that your provided on the sites. Next time when you open this page or any other website with such form, chrome automatically fill up your information on text fields.
  • If you select second option which is offer to save your password then chrome will save your username and password that you provided in various websites. Next time whenever you need to login on these sites then it will automatically logged to your account.


So friends, now you are able to view/manage and delete your password with the simple method. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps on your computer and your are done! Let me clear one thing is if anybody uses your computer, you might need to be carefully with your personal info. In some cases you should log out of your devices so that your personal information may saves. In this case, you can also disable auto fill and auto save option in Google Chrome. It will ensure that your all personal information is protected. I hope you like this article, if you like this one then share this article with your friends as many as you can.Download to Hide Apps on Android Phone Easily.Download 7 Best Compass Apps.

Furthermore, if any questions raised on your mind then let us know via your comments so that we can help you in this matter. We have already share every detail with screenshots in instructions so you may never face any issue. Keep visit our blog modapkplus for more cool stuff like this. Thank you so much for your love and support.Download Aptoide Lite Download APK.

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