How To Show CPU Temperature On Android Status Bar

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With the Xposed module you can change the functionalities of your smartphones. Even you can absolutely change the interface of your devices as well. Mobile is nothing without Root and Xposed module in my opinion. Well, most of the people don’t know the advantages of these modules. Where android users don’t know about the knowledge of android and they also want to customize their android devices.Download Best SMS/TEXT Messaging Apps.

How To Show CPU Temperature On Android Status Bar

Download Xposed module APK

They want to make their devices look awesome with amazing free features. Today i am gonna show you how you can show CPU Temperature on any android status bar. It may be with rooted devices or unrooted devices.

Must Know Info Before Download Xposed Module

So, lets’ go to reveal about the CPU Temperature show on status bar in android devices but you must root your device for doing this. Without rooting your device you are unable to do this. It is highly recommended for you so first root you android device.Download Best Free Video Calling.

For doing this trick with device i found the XDA thread regarding CPU temperature. We know CPU of any device which is the main thing of any device that work mainly and do important tasks like gaming, graphics, applications. Sometimes cell phones heated up because of high graphics or may be complex task like apps or sometimes mobiles phone blasts from the heat up of this.Download 7 best Call Recording Apps.

To deal with this issue we are here with the new topic that how can we show CPU Temperature in our android status bar so that we can save our phones to have any damage or blast.

  • CPU Temperature will be show on the home screen of mobile however will determine that when your mobile needs break while it will also show you battery temperature, RAM info and other.
  • This app will show you accurate battery info, temperature and causes of overheating the CPU of android device.

Here is a complete guide with easy steps that you need to follow. How can you save your mobile phones from heating up and also can monitor the CPU temperature info on your devices.Download Charge Your Phone Upto 6x Faster.

Requirements Before Use the application

  • Root your device first because it is recommend for the device to be root.
  • Xposed Installer.
  • Xposed Module name CPU Temperature on status bar.

How You Can Install Xposed Module On Your Device?

  • Firstly you have to download the Xposed installer or you can also download Xposed framework on your device.
  • Note: Xposed Module varies android version to version, Xposed framework is different for smartphones so google it for further details about it.
  • Download the Xposed Framework and install on your device.
  • Open the Xposed Installer, after its installation completes. It will ask you to root your device.
  • Now you have successfully install Xposed Installer on your device.

How to show CPU Temperature On Status Bar?

  • You must root your device in order to show CPU Temperature on status bar, after root the device install the Xposed install which install the various Xposed Module on your mobile.
  • Download CpuTemp from the Xposed installer.(link is already given in requirements)
  • After launch of Xposed Installer just go to Modules section and tick on the CPU Temperature app that will be run on your device after reboot the device.
  • Open the CPU Temperature and select the option “show the temperature on the status bar on home screen” and again restart your cell phone.
  • Now you will see that status will be showing on your android status bar in home screen of your mobile.
  • you can change the temperature format like Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Enjoy the cpu temperature on your status bar.

From this app you will also know the battery temperature, charge and discharge rate, graphics of CPU usage, frequency also. From this app you are able to monitor CPU Temperature and battery temperature and let you know to shut your phone in condition of heat up.

How To Check the CPU Temperature is on Non rooted Device.

Till now we have mentioned about CPU Temperature show on status bar that was the method of rooted device, but in this method i will tell you that how can you do this all on your non rooted device with easy steps that what you need to follow.

  • First you need to download CPU Temperature application from here.
  • Open the app  after download completes.
  •  After open the app main interface will show you with the current temperature, battery temperature,status.
  • Now go to settings by dragging on the right side
  • enable all the options like temperature alarm, CPU Temperature, record and analyze.

Final Thoughts

Hey guys i hope you love this tutorial about show CPU Temperature on status bar. From this app you can show your current phone temperature on the status bar while other side your device must be rooted. Just download the app (link given above) and install on your device. Enjoy the app and let me know if any issue or question raise on your mind so please feel free to comments and share your experience with me. Keep visit this site for more tricks and help and get your lovely apps from here. Thank you so much for your love and support.









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