How To Send Whatsapp Messages in Different Font

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Hey guys, today i came here with the hot topic about your whatsapp. In this tutorial i am gonna show you that how you can send messages in various font in whatsapp. We all know about whatsapp very well. Similarly, whatsapp is the most successful chat applications all over the world. You can’t believe that i has more than 1 billion users from the whole world. We even can’t think about living without it, this is how it is compulsory for everyone. Whatsapp has more users than any other chat app because of its amazing features and user experience.

How To Send Whatsapp Messages in Different Font

Moreover, whatsapp is improving its service day by day because whatsapp want to give users best service always. It has released many of features already. Recently, whatsapp has launched the amazing feature to bold your text, italic and strike through as well. Now, what next comes on whatsapp? If you feel bore to text with the same font then be ready to get new fonts guys. Now i can see smile on your faces. That’s much pretty good. Whatsapp has recently launch the feature related to fonts, you can send your messages to different font. This font is quite similar to Fixedsys font in Microsoft Windows while other side it is difficult in regular use on android.

Let’s have a look on the trick through which you can change the font for your message. You can easily send messages with different font on other some whatsapp mods such as GBWhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus and YOWhatsApp. In these mods you just have to simple select text and send message with different font. Isn’t amazing thing guys.

How To Send Messages With Different Font On Whatsapp

  • Launch your whatsapp application. Go to contacts and select any contact to send message with new font.
  • Now tap on text area then keyboard will be show to you.
  • Just search out this special character (`) on your whatsapp keyboard. You can take help from given screenshot below.
  • Type this character for three times.
  • Now write your message whatever you want to write and then again type this special character for three times.
  • After this procedure when it done perfectly you message automatically occur in new font. Just have a look at valid format `"Your Message"`. Now just hit enter from your keyboard. your message transmit with new font.

So guys, this was the easy method to write your message with new font. You can use it with different fonts in various chats. Remember that for regularly use it may be not appropriate. Also this cannot be use in combinations. Now i am going to show you that how to set your text to Bold, italic and strike through.

How To Send Bold Text On Whatsapp

Friends many time we have to send any important message to someone so we send text in bold so that person can read out easily. To prominent our message we use bold feature in our messages on whatsapp. Let’s have a look on how it will done!

  • Type the asterisk special character (*) before message and after message just like shown in screenshot.
  • Don’t use space between asterisk character and message otherwise it wont work.
  • Your message will be bold when you enter your message just like this *Your message*.

How To Send Italic Text On Whatsapp

You can set your message to italic by using underscore(_)

  • Just type the underscore (_) character on your keyboard before and after message. _Your Message_ .
  • You message will be in italic now press enter to send your message.

How To Send Strike through Text On Whatsapp

You can also put the line in center of your message on whatsapp. Isn’t cool guys? just have a look on simple method below.

  • You can send your message as strike through in message by using Tilde character before and after message.
  • You can send your message just like this one ~Your Message~ then your message will be written as strike through.
  • Now hit the enter button and send your message as strike through.

Using Combination

This is how this works on whatsapp with special combination. Always remember that use the trick just like mentioned above. Just have a look on the examples below.

  • *_Your Message_* will set your text as italic.
  • *~Your Message~* will set your text as strike through.


So guys these all tricks were so easy to do isn’t? May be these tricks would be complex to some users to do but it will be easy after some practice. These tricks are useful in whatsapp. I hope you like this article and have fun. So guys do you have any questions regarding this article? Then ask by your comments and share this article with your friend as many as you can. Keep visit our blog modapkplus for more stuff and tricks.


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