How To Schedule Messages On Whatsapp Plus

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Hey guys, today we comes with the new topic about schedule messages on whatsapp plus. Do you know about scheduling messages on whatsapp plus? If no then you don’t need to worry about it. Today, in this article we will show you that how you can schedule messages on your whatsapp plus. Similarly, whatsapp keeps everyone connect with each other through its amazing service and features. In this app, we can chat with anybody in the world, send images, videos, documents, stickers, emojis and many other things as well. You can do more stuff in whatsapp plus. So, today we will show you the way of scheduling messages on whatsapp plus.  If you are one of those who are not familiar with this feature then no need to worry guys because we’re here for you always. As you don’t familiar with this features.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK File

Download Whatsapp Plus APK File

Similarly, there are a lot of people who actually don’t know about its user even they’re using whatsapp plus on their smartphone. There is a question raised that why we need to schedule any message on whatsapp plus? Schedule message on whatsapp plus is useful for everyone because this feature let you send message on your selected time. All you need to just set the time and type your message, it will convey your message to someone at selected time. Isn’t cool guys? Yes, this is awesome feature and will help everyone to tackle some situations. For instance, if you need to send message to someone on particular time to wish his/her birthday and you know that you won’t be available on that time. So, through this feature you can wish him/her birthday on selected time, even you are not with your phone on that time. Just checkout complete guidelines from below.

Requirements To Schedule Whatsapp Messages

There are some requirements for you to arrange before using whatsapp plus on your smartphone. As we know that we can’t send schedule messages on official whatsapp so we’ve to use whatsapp plus. Moreover, schedule messages can help us a lot and will be beneficial in many conditions. In order to send schedule messages on whatsapp plus there is something you need to arrange first. Well, you don’t need to worry about it because there are no special requirements for your. These are just basic things that ever  android user must setup before using whatsapp plus. Let’s have a look on its requirements from below.

  • Android Phone with 4.0 android version or higher.
  • Whatsapp Plus APK Latest Version. (Download link is available)
  • Working Internet Connection.

So, guys these are only things that you need to arrange first then you are good to go. After completing these things you can schedule messages on whatsapp plus. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of whatsapp plus from this article. You phone must supports whatsapp plus so you need to get android phone with 4.0 or higher version. You must have working internet connection so you can setup whatsapp plus conveniently. Now let’s have a look on it working process that how we can set schedule messages on whatsapp plus.

How To Install & Schedule Messages On Whatsapp Plus?

I am sure that you have checkout the requirements at previous section. Press the download button and get the latest version of whatsapp plus on your android phone. Here i am going to share you the step by step procedure that you need to checkout. Whatsapp plus provide you multi features at one place for absolutely free of cost. Now let’s have a look on its working process from below.

  • First, download whatsapp plus apk latest version from this given link.
  • Now go to downloaded folder on your phone where you have download the whatsapp apk file.
  • Now open the apk file and click on install button.
  • It will start installing whatsapp plus on your android phone.
  • After installation gets complete then launch it from app drawer.
  • Enter you phone number and then verify it through OTP code.
  • Now you whatsapp plus is fully functional.
  • Tap on the three dots that located on top right corner of screen.
  • There list will be appeared. You need to select Message Scheduler Option.
  • Then you will see an empty window side. Now click on + icon from bottom right and select schedule.
  • After that you need to select contact for whom you want to schedule message. Moreover, you can also add multiple contacts as well.
  • You have to enter your message, set time, start date etc.
  • Now finally, you need to tap on schedule button. You’ve successfully set the schedule message on your whatsapp plus.

So, guys these are simple steps that you need to follow which we have mention at above. Similarly, mostly android users install apps through Google PlayStore which is the easiest way to install apps on android phone. We’ve shared the method of installing app manually on android phone so many people don’t know about this method. By the way, we’ve shared all the information with easy steps. There are a lot of websites available on the internet having whatsapp plus but most of sites have older version of whatsapp plus whereas, we’re providing its latest version. Moreover, we will update the download link here whenever new version gets release.

The Bottom Line

So, guys this was all about scheduling messages on whatsapp plus. We’ve shared all the necessary information including download link, requirements and setup scheduling messages as well. All you have to do is to follow all the steps carefully and do exactly as we mentioned here. Also we’ve attached some screenshots for you so you can understand all the process conveniently. If you have any questions regarding this article then you can ask us by leaving your comments in comment section. We’ll try to help you with the best solution. If you like this article then share this article with your friends as many as you can. I would suggest you to bookmark our pages so you won’t miss any update from us. Stay tuned at modapkplus for more cool & amazing stuff like this.


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