How To Pin WhatsApp Chats On Android Phone

How To Pin WhatsApp Chats On Android Phone
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Hey guys, today i am here with the new topic that how to pin whatsapp chat on your android phone. From this cool and featured app you will be able to do this. Let me some talk about whatsapp features that you would love to listen. Whatsapp is the popular and top rated instant messaging app around the world. Similarly, it is end to end encrypted that means your chat is secure.

How To Pin WhatsApp Chats On Android Phone

Pin Chats in WhatsApp

It was launched earlier 2009 and first they launched the beta version with cool features. Later Facebook own whatsapp and now it is the biggest and famous messaging app all over the world. Moreover, you can sync your contacts, chats, images and videos on browser through bar code from your device. isn’t it cool thing!

So, what’s our main object now a days groups are common on whatsapp that everyone is chatting on groups. It creates a lot of hassle that many people send messages at a time which results in a lot of notifications that irritate people. Due to this mess people can’t talk to someone easily or privately on whatsapp. To avoid this you can pin your important contacts on your phone.

Pin Chats in WhatsApp on iPhone

Follow the steps below to Pin Chats in WhatsApp on your iPhone.

  1. Download Whatsapp Beta APK Version from here.
  2. just choose your favorite chat you want to pin.
  3. After choosing your chat long press on chat and then you will see some options on the header.
  4. Choose the first option that icon will be look like pin. Pin WhatsApp Chats On Android Phone
  5. Now you have done. Your chat is pinned successfully.
  6. If you want to unpin your chat do same as mentioned above long press on chat and click on first icon to unpin. unPin Chats in WhatsApp on Android Phone

Note: Also checkout the GBWhatsApp, which is the best mod of whatsapp available on this site.

This is the easiest way i am going to telling you today. You don’t need to download any mods etc. Just download the simple app beta version of whatsapp from this given link. Well, after some time of release many users are asking that how to pin chats on whatsapp that’s the positive thing isn’t!

Let me clear you that if you want to use this cool feature than you need to register to beta tester on PlayStore. Just go to whatsapp website “” then go to download link. There you will find your operating system and checkout there will be mention that “try our best beta from PlayStore”. Also checkout the WhatsApp Plus the cool mod of whatsapp.

Don’t forget to checkout awesome mods.

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  • Hide whatsapp images from gallery

Keep in your mind that this is the testing app for developers. After getting beta tester version you will get many updates on regular basis. You should not try this testing app to avoid these issues. If you use this beta testing app then you may be frustrate of getting updates. In this case, your app may be get bugs or unstable. So, if you know about these all consequences then you are welcome to do it.


I hope you love this article and now you know that how much it is easy to do. Remember that you can’t pin chats up-to three in one time. If you do this you may get an error. It is expected that may be number of pinned chats increased in stable version. hence, wait for stable version so than you can pin more chats for you and never get any bugs or error. If any question raised on your mind you can ask me by your comments and share this article with your friends as well. I will try to help you because this is my job. Thank you so much for your love.



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