How To Install Remix OS On PC

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Do you guys having trouble while running windows on your systems? Are you getting bored of using typical windows on your PC? Then you should try something new in modern era. Similarly, if you wanna try something new in your PC then you have come to right place. In this tutorial i am gonna show you that “How to install remix OS on PC“. Remix OS is computer software that let you use android OS on your computer. It was launched in Jan 2016 to use publicly on Computer systems. Isn’t amazing thing friends? You can have better experience of android on your PC. Furthermore, Android addicted user would be love to use this software on their systems.Download to Hide Apps on Android Phone Easily.

How To Install Remix OS On PC

Download Remix OS

You can get all android features after installing on your system. The best thing is that you can use both OS in your system (Android and Windows). In remix operating system you can use multiple applications at the same time and no RAM issue as well. You will get completely android interface, features as you get in your android phones. Hence, you should try this awesome software on your PC. Now lets’ move to the installation process. You just need to download it and boot in your Flash Drive to install on your computer. Moreover, the installation procedure is too easy for the user so if you are thinking that it is hard to install on PC then follow this tutorial. In this tutorial you will get your all answers regarding remix installation.Download 7 Best Compass Apps.

Download Procedure Of Remix OS (Step I)

You can download the remix OS from our blog, link is given below. Many PC comes with the 32 Bit and many system comes with 64 Bit as well. Remix OS is available for both systems so you don’t need to worry about system requirement whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit system. Just download it from here.

Unzip The Downloaded Software (Step II)

Download Winrar

Now you have to unzip the downloaded software from your downloaded location. You will have two download files there one of them will be Zip file and second one would be Remix OS USB Tool. Now let me give you advice, you should save extra copy of downloaded zip files to your directory. It may helpful for you in the future if anytime you want to download the file then you don’t need to download because you have already. You can unzip this software by winrar also. You can download winrar from given link below.

Use Flash Drive for Copying Files (Step III)

Now you need a flash drive where you can copy the files from downloaded location. I recommend you to use 8 GB or more (16 GB) flash 3.0. Flash drive 3.0 is more convenient than 2.0 because its faster so it is also recommended, if you wanna work faster. Now we talk about the flash drive if you want that your system never get any trouble in the middle of working then use 16 GB flash drive with 3.0. By the way you can use hard drive instead of flash drive because hard drive speed faster and have more storage than flash drive. So, you can copy more data to your hard drive. Now it is up to you whether you use hard drive or flash drive.

Format Flash Drive to FAT32 (Step IV)

Just insert your flash drive(16 GB) to your computer when it detects then go to my computer and then right click on Flash drive. You will see many options list there now choose format option and then format it after choosing FAT32 option there. It will take some time to format it then keep calm and let drive to be format.Download Aptoide Lite Download APK.

Launch Remix OS USB Tool (Step V)

Now when you successfully format your flash drive then again remove it and reinsert it. Now launch the Remix OS USB Tool in “run as administrator” mode. It would be beneficial for users to open game in “run as administration” mode when install for the first time in computer.

Installation Process of Remix OS On Flash Drive (Step VI)

Now come to the installation process that you are waiting for guys. Now click on image file just like in screenshot. Now browse your unzip file (Downloaded location) to this tool and install Remix OS on your Flash Drive. This is the most important part of the whole article because you need to care about it while installing. Just checkout the screenshot carefully and do what exactly mention there. If you don’t wanna get any trouble then follow these screenshots as well.

Reboot You Computer (Step VII)

After successfully installation to your flash drive, now you are surpass the complex part of the installation. I appreciate you for your good work and effort. Now its time to make your system awesome with dual OS such as Android and Windows. After rebooting your system just go to boot menu.

Browse Through The Modes (Step VIII)

After go to boot menu, you will see two modes there first would be resident mode and second one would be guest mode. You have to select guest mode. So guys, are you ready for the next step now keep your anxiety aside and continue.Download To View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome In PC.

Select Guest Mode and Choose Basic Settings (Step IX)

Why we have selected Guest Mode? because guest mode is faster then resident mode so that’why we have selected it. Next step will be to choose your language. Now choose your prefer language in which you want to run in PC. Just make sure you have run basic setting configure so that you device works properly without any issue. These kind of settings are general in any operating system that should be finish properly before explore your OS in computer.


So guys, i hope you like this article now you can have android experience on your computer. Isn’t cool thing that you are now using dual operating system on your computer. Whenever you want to use windows you can use and whenever you wanna use android so you can. This is how we lives in terms of technology. No more small screen issue. Now you can use your android OS on big screen. Playing games and apps on android will be quite awesome when you use it on your faster computer. Now enjoy the remix OS on your system. Share your android experience on your system with us and share this article with your friends as well so that they can have advantage from it.


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