How To Hide WhatsApp Images And Videos From Gallery

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Hey guys do you want to hide your whatsapp images and videos from gallery so, you are on the right place. Today in this tutorial i will tell you that how can you hide your whatsapp images and videos from gallery. Whatsapp is incredible and popular app for instant messages with billion of users around the world. It allows everyone to transfer their data, images, videos, documents, location.

Download Root Explorer APK File To Hide WhatsApp Images And Videos From Gallery

Root Explorer Download APK File

Similarly, many users use groups in whatsapp in which result hundred of videos and images take place in your gallery. It may take your many of phone storage also.

Also checkout the GBWhatsApp that is awesome mode of whatsapp. If you whatsapp lock by any app locker then you may be can’t access to chats but media can be found on gallery. In Gallery on your phone someone can easily find whatsapp videos and images. Some people may have no issue from this but many of users have concerned about privacy that they never want let people to find their videos and images on gallery.

Why whatsapp videos and images shows in the Gallery?

why and how whatsapp videos and images shows in the gallery? For instance, if you are using whatsapp through your mobile data then whatsapp videos and images won’t be download auto. Mostly we use whatsapp on WiFi that allows it to download images and videos automatically to gallery. It doesn’t matter that you want it download auto or not it will does. To prevent it i am going to show you simple way for disappearing your whatsapp content in gallery. Don’t miss to checkout “how to secure whatsapp chats through password”.

How to Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery

  • Open your File Explorer on your phone. if you don’t have any file explore you can download it from here.
  • Just go to Whatsapp folder in your file manager. You will find media folder inside whatsapp folder. Open it then you will see many folders including whatsapp images, videos that you want to hide from gallery.
  • To hide whatsapp images and videos just follow this simple trick. Rename the folder “whatsapp images” to “.whatsapp images“. you can see a (dot .) mentioned before whatsapp images name. It should be hide the all whatsapp images from your gallery.
  • If you want to hide your whatsapp videos from gallery then do as same as mentioned for whatsapp images. Rename the folder “whatsapp videos” to “.whatsapp videos” just mention (.) before whatsapp videos name. It should also hide the all whatsapp videos from your gallery.
  • You can see screenshots also attached here.
  • Now go to your phone settings and find application manager. May be on some mobile you have to go All Apps.
  • Find the Gallery app by scrolling down and open it. After open the app and tap on “Clear Cache”. Cache will be cleared.

You have done it successfully! Now you will never find any whatsapp videos and images on your gallery. Nobody will never find any content regarding whatsapp from your gallery. By the way there is another method available to do this trick by “ES File Explorer”.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos From Gallery Through ES File Explorer (Method 2)

  • First you have to download ES File Explorer from here.
  • Install the app on your device and launch it.
  • To verify that it is original ES File Explorer or not just check out there will be a cloud with ES mentioned there.
  • Just go to internal storage which will be on the left side of your phone home screen.
  • Find out the whatsapp folder there and open it.
  • There will be two different folders named as Databases and Media. Just click on Media folder.
  • ¬†After open media folder. select the whatsapp images and whatsapp videos folders then go to options and Hide.
  • You can show these folder again if you want. Just swipe from left to right and and enable show hidden files. All your hidden files will be show.


That’s great! you have done beautiful job and hide your whatsapp images, videos from gallery through ES File Explorer. I hope you like this article. If you have any problem regarding this article then let me know by your comments and share this article with all of your friends. Thank you so much for visiting this site Latestmodapks. Keep visit this site for more amazing apps with exciting features for free.

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