How to Hide Apps on Android Phone Easily

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Today we see that phones are everything for us that we keep it with us every time. Similarly, daily we checkout our phones after wake up and before go to bed. Most of the people think that it is essential for them to checkout their phones on every minute. Although, from documents to data everything we have in our phones. So, it is our personal diary that’s why we keep it with us every time. You will agree with me that most of the people take their phones in washroom too. Now, you can understand it better that how much phones are important for people now a days.Download Blokada APK.

How to Hide Apps on Android Phone Easily

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Moreover, we don’t even think to share it with anyone. We always protect our phones from our friends, family or even from our lovers so that anyhow our privacy may not leak. Furthermore, in any case we have to share our phone with someone then make sure our all data is hidden. This is most important for you to hidden your all stuff like Photos, videos, docs or apps. May be it is easy for us to hide picture and videos in our phone but it is quite tough to hide apps. While phones have no feature to hide your apps. Thus, we have come here to share you with the amazing trick to hide your apps on android.Download Earn To Die APK.

Why We Need to Hide Apps?

The question raised on mind that why we need to hide apps on our phones? I think you know it better than me but let me tell you my opinion on this matter. Whenever we go to public places or standing beside someone then we never ever want to show our data or something to someone. Similarly, our parents or friends checkout phones then what we do to protect our data and privacy? This is the major problem for everyone that everyone wants privacy of their data.Download Maze Planet 3D Pro APK.

To prevent this issue or protect data from someone you never remove that item because it is not possible even for you. Whereas, you can hide apps on your phone. This is how you can protect your apps or privacy.

How to Hide Apps on Android Easily

Hide Apps on Android With Nova Launcher (Method 1)

Well, this article specially for android users who want to hide their apps on their android phones. You can download the apps like Nova Launcher , Apex launcher etc. From these apps you are able to hide the apps from your android that what you want. Let me clear you one thing that many website on the internet will tell you to download the Nova Launcher for hiding apps on your android. Nova launcher doesn’t hide your apps remember that. You have to buy its prime version from Google Play Store so that you can hide your apps on your android phone.

Now come to the main point and let’s have a look on the procedure.

  • Firstly you have to download Nova Launcher from here.
  • Open your settings and go to Apps & Widget.
  • Now tap on Hide Apps button.
  • After that you will see many apps there. Just tick on that app that you want to hide. That’s it!

Hide Apps on Android With Apex Launcher (Method II)

  • Download the Apex Launcher app from Google Play Store or download it from given link here.
  • Install the Apex Launcher on your android and after installing it. You phone’s look will automatically change because of launcher. You can change all the settings including phone’s look and hiding apps etc.
  • After go to settings you will see many options there. you have to tap on drawer settings to hide you desire app.
  • After this step you will see on top, the first option will be there named as Hidden Apps. Tap on this option.
  • Now just tick on that apps that you want to hide on your android phone and then save it.
  • You are done now! You have successfully hide your apps on your android device.

Hide Apps on Samsung Android Phones (Method III)

The best way to hide your apps on Samsung. You can easily hide your desire apps on your Samsung mobiles without installing third party apps. Moreover, other android users can follow this method if it works on their phones.

  • Just go to App Menu from your Home-screen of your Samsung phone.
  • Then tap on Hide Applications option as shown in screenshot.
  • Select that apps that you want to hide on your phone and then save it.
  • Now you have done amazingly!
  • Now you will see that the apps are hidden which you select from hidden apps option.

Moreover, you can also view the hidden apps by going App Menu and then select Show hidden applications. Your hidden apps will be show after this. Basically, this method was specially for Samsung users. For all other android phones you should check the method II mentioned above. These method are valid for android users only.Download Best Free Wallpapers Apps.

Well, there are many hide apps available on the internet or PlayStore but we have shared you the best apps that suits you. From these apps, you can hide your all apps that you want to hide from others and can view it. Samsung users don’t need to download any third party apps to hide their apps because Samsung provided its amazing feature. With the simple trick on Samsung you can hide your apps.Download to Access Blocked Websites On School.


So guys, this tutorial was specially posted for android user who wants to hide their apps on their phone easily. You can hide your apps from your phone with the Apex Launcher for absolutely free. Whereas, you cannot hide your apps through Nova Launcher for free because it is trial version. In trial version, you can’t hide apps for free, You have to buy this app for some amount.

I hope you love this article. Moreover, if you face any issue or any questioned raised on your mind regarding this topic then you can share with us from your comments. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends. We have provided all details with screenshots for you to understand it better. For more cool stuff like this just stay tuned at Modapkplus. You can get many super cool apps for absolutely free from here. Feel free to comment here and suggest us if we missed anything regarding this article so that we can improve our content. Thank you so much for your love and support.


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