How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link

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Today, we came with the new topic related to whatsapp but with the important element. Whatsapp which is the most popular and useful app to connect with people. We can chat with someone through this app from anywhere else in the world. Similarly, there are a lot of great feature available in the whatsapp app. You can chat with anybody in the world free of cost. Moreover, you can send any document, images, videos, emojis, stickers and many other things. One of the best feature of whatsapp is its group chatting. We all are familiar with this feature that we can add up more than 256 members in group. Same as, we can chat with all of group members at one time which is some awesome feature in whatsapp. There is a minor problem for people with the whatsapp group. As we know that only Group admin can add members.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link

Group admin has capability to add members into the group of whatsapp. Admin has to save the phone numbers in order to add various members in whatsapp group which is irritating for group admins. Are you whatsapp group admin? if you are then you may fed up of saving a lot of contacts to add them in whatsapp group. There is a best solution of this minor issue that create whatsapp group invite link. This is the best ever solution of this issue that you need to create whatsapp group inviting link and you don’t need to save contacts on your phone anymore. All you have to do is to create invite link, send to other so they can join the group by clicking on group link. Today, I’ll show you the best trick that you can you create whatsapp group link and how you can invite other members.

Advantages Of Creating Whatsapp Group Invite Link

There are many advantages of this method which is so appreciated method ever for whatsapp users. You may think that when you can add members manually on whatsapp group then why you need to create whatsapp group invite link? The best answer is that you can add members manually on whatsapp but it could take your a lot of time and a lot of contacts on your phone. In this case, we’ve shared some its advantages that listed at below. So, let’s have a look in its advantages.

  • It will save you a lot of time.
  • You don’t need to save contacts on your phone in order to add members on whatsapp group.
  • There is no member approval require.
  • Anyone who click the link can join the whatsapp group.

So, guys these are major advantages of creating whatsapp group inviting link. As we mentioned above that it will save you time. Moreover, you don’t need to save those contacts on your phone whom you don’t even know. Let’s have a look on its guidelines from below.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link?

This method refers to admin of whatsapp app. If you are an admin of any group in whatsapp then you can create a group invite link. Below, I’ve shared some simple steps to create whatsapp group invite link.

  1. First, you need to launch the whatsapp from your phone.
  2. Now open any group on your whatsapp for which you want to create invite link.
  3. Tap on the menu from top right corner like three dots button.
  4. Select the group info option form there.
  5. You will see several options there, you need to just click on invite via link option.
  6. When you click that option, you will see a group inviting link with 4 other options.

Whatsapp Group Invite Options

  • Send the link via Whatsapp (You can use it to send the link to your Whatsapp contacts.)
  • Copy Link (use this option to copy link send to anyone.)
  • Share Link (use this option to share the link via other media apps.)
  • Revoke Link (use this option to remove the invite link.)

You may have noticed that there is option named as Revoked Link. Its means that after choosing this option, No one will not be able to join the group anymore after clicking on group link. There are three more options to send the link to your contacts and ask them to join your whatsapp group. But remember one thing that you can do this only in one condition that if you are a admin of group. So, guys i am sure that this was the easiest method to create whatsapp group link on your phone. By the way, there is another method to create a whatsapp group invite link if you are GBWhatsapp user. It might be different method but its working for every GBWhatsapp user. Now let’s have a look on it process from below.

Steps To Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link Using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsapp is one of the best and most popular modded version of whatsapp. You may have already heard about it or use it on your android phone. You can do many amazing stuff in GBWhatsapp as it has a lot of great features. The popularity of GBWhatsapp is on high peak as its developers always release its new updates on regular basis. The best thing of GBWhatsapp is that it is safe & secure so if you are conscious about its safety then you don’t need to worry. It gets new updated version or features every month and tech geeks also prefer this modded version than official whatsapp.

  • First, open you GBWhatsapp from your phone. If you don’t have GBWhatsapp then you can get it from this link.
  • Now select the group for which you want to create a whatsapp group invite link.
  • Tap on the three dots on the top right corner and get in the menu of GBWhatsapp.
  • Hit the + button from there.
  • Then you need to select the invite via link option.

So, guys now you can share the invite link to anyone in your GBWhatsapp contacts. People will directly join your group by clicking on that group’s link. Well this is the same procedure you can follow in other modded version of whatsapp such as YoWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus.

The Bottom Line

So, friends this was all about creating whatsapp group invite link on your phone. These method are the easiest for every android user. All you have to do is to follow all the instructions and do exactly as we mentioned. You can save you a lot of time through this amazing trick. We’ve share all the necessary information regarding this article. If you like this article then share this one with your friends as many as you can. If you have any question regarding this article then you can ask us by leaving your comments in comment section. Also checkout all the screenshots, it will be helpful for you to understand the procedure. Stay tuned at modapkplus for more cool and amazing stuff like this.



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