How to Create Fake Whatsapp Chat on Android

Fake Conversation with Yazzy App
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In modern era, chatting with someone has become important part in our life. Similarly, We spend a lot of time to chat with our love once that we actually don’t realize. In fact, sometime we chat whole day with our friends and family if we far away. You might see many memes and and jokes of Whatsapp and Facebook. If i say that you can also create those memes and jokes of Facebook and Whatsapp conversations. Isn’t amazing trick guys? Moreover, You can do this stuff without any special skill or Photoshop expertise or asking your friend to talk in funny way. With just one simple trick you can create you own fake jokes of Whatsapp and Facebook conversations.

How to Create Fake Whatsapp Chat on Android

Through this trick you can enjoy with your friends by joking with them but never misuse it to hurt anyone because it is not ethical. Well, today i am gonna show you that how can you create fake whatsapp chat on Android device. It just look like real as we do and you can do as per your requirement like DP of your friend etc. So get ready android users, i am going to teach you the best trick in which you can prank with your friends and joke with you any mates as well. Furthermore, you can also checkout the other mods of Whatsapp like GBWhatsApp which is most useful mod. Let me clear you one thing that this tutorial is purely for educational purpose and never ever try to hurt or take revenge from anyone.

How to Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation on Android

Well, there are many app available on the internet in which through you can create fake conversations on whatsapp for android. We will go ahead with two best apps for creating fake chats on whatsapp that looks a like real one. So, just have a look on the first one from below.

Create Fake Chat for Whatsapp Through Yazzy App

Fake Conversation with Yazzy App

Yazzy is the amazing app for creating fake chats on whatsapp and other social media as well.Therefore, you need to download this app from given link or you can also get it from PlayStore. Download Yazzy

Once you download the app completely then install on it. Now just follow these simple steps to create the fake conversation of whatsapp on your android device.

  • Launch the Yazzy app from your android device and tap on New Whatsapp option. New screen will appear as mentioned below on screenshot. New Whatsapp
  • Real fun came now, Well you can do anything now according to your wish. If you want to change the friend name, click on name  option.
  • If you wanna change the DP of your friend then click on the picture where DP is there.
  • You can be remove the watermark also by click on it.
  • In this app you can also change the background image as you do in real whatsapp. Just tap on three dot on the corner above and select change background. Now upload your any favorite wallpaper and enjoy.
  • If you want to get various options such as sending messages or send messages and other then just tap on orange plus icon. It will show you the list which may have various options available for you. You can add a received message or a sent message
  • When your edits complete then you can save it and share it with your friends and prank with them.
  • Moreover, you can create fake whatsapp group chat with Yazzy app.

Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation with Prank App

Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations with PRANK – Fake Conversations

  • Prank app is also the great app to create fake whatsapp conversation on android device. Download this app from PlayStore or even you can download it from here also. Download
  • After download the app just launch it and edit anything that you want.
  • With this app you can send sms, receive sms, last seen, add everything or change as per you need.
  • After doing all editing just save the screenshot and share it with your friends. Prank with your friends with this app and enjoy.


So guys, this was all about to create fake whatsapp conversations. You can make fun with your friends and prank with them through these apps such as Yazzy and Prank. Remember one think that you should never every try to misuse it or harm anyone because it is purely for educational purpose. This method is purely valid and tested by our experts so, don’t worry about it. If you think that any other ideas you have then you can share with us by your comments. I hope you like this tutorial. Share this article with your friends as many as you can. Stay tuned at Modapkplus for more cool stuff and tricks for free.

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