How to Access Blocked Websites On School

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So guys, today i am going to tell you that how to bypass blocking sites on School. One thing is anxiety for every student is that how to access blocked site on school. Many students wait all the day for one time and that is computer class. They know that they can do their favorite stuff only in computer class. Similarly, every student loves to use computer after reading all the day. They want some fun as well after doing a lot of hard studies to keep their mind relax. But this is major problem in mostly schools that they block every social site, gaming videos etc.Download Vshare Latest APK.

How to Access Blocked Websites On School

School authorities have to block all kind of stuff on the internet so that student may never misuse on computers. This is so irritating and frustrating for every computer student. Some common sites that blocked in schools are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that use commonly on everywhere. Moreover, gaming videos, gaming sites and video sites always blocked in schools as well. Just think about it when you are free after reading all the day and you get some time for your computer and then you face these stupid troubles. How irritating is it?

So, here we are going to give you some amazing tricks where you can access blocked sites easily. You can try these method on your computer in computer Lab and enjoy. Make sure you never use any invalid methods to bypass blocking or misuse it. This tutorial is purely for fun and educational purposes. So get ready to move on and let’s have a look on these method that how you can access the blocked websites on your computer.Download Blokada APK.

Access Blocked Websites in School With HTTPS Method (I)

You should use HTTPS instead of HTTP because school authorities commonly block normal sites Port 80 which is the HTTP. Sometime they leave the port 443 port unblock and this port uses HTTPS. So you can use this method to access blocked sites on your computer. All you have to do is to use ‘S‘ in the URL with the HTTP, because most of the websites do not offer the secure connection like HTTPS. Major website like Google or YouTube surely do.

In order to access the blocked website you have to follow this simple trick and you can access the block sites. For instance, if you see any site like http:\\ then you have to write https:\\ to access blocked sites. You may never unblocked these sites if your school authorities cleverly blocked this HTTPS port. Well, there is no need to worry about when we are here for you. There is another method to bypass the blocking on your computer.Download Maze Planet 3D Pro APK.

Method (II)

In this method you have to use IP address instead on URLs. Let me clear you mind guys. In many cases, using IP addresses instead of URLs can be access to block websites on your computer. You just need to write an IP address on the URL on your web browser. For instance, if you want to access Facebook http:\\ then you have to write its IP address on the URL address bar. instead of http:\\ It will access Facebook.Download Earn To Die APK.

You can find the IP address of any site in windows.

  • just click on start button.
  • tap on the search bar and type cmd.
  • Command Prompt will be show then open it.
  • Then you will see command terminal in black screen. There you just need to write ping and you are done. For example if you want to know YouTube IP address then type ping,com
  • Now hit enter button.
  • There an IP address will be show you on the cmd screen just like given in screenshot.

When you see the IP address then copy this address and paste it into your web browser address bar and access it. Your blocked websites will be access to you.

Method (III)

This method is also the best to follow as it mention. In this method you can access the sites through use of unblocking websites. If both method doesn’t work for you then this method will help you to access blocked sites. There is nothing hard task to do for you. You have to just visit sites and then search your site that you want to access. So these are some sites which you can use to unblock your blocked sites without any interruption. This is one of the unblocking website in which you can search your desire website and can access it. You have to just write your site on the search bar and surf anonymously. This is the best website for users to access blocking site anonymously. This site is same as mentioned first site. Just write your desire website and unlock it easily.


So guys, these were the best tricks to access blocked websites for free. I am sure that one of these method will surely work fine for you to access block sites. Just try these simple method and access Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, videos sites and do whatever you want. When you have these tricks then you are the Boss! It doesn’t matter that how much your school authorities blocked the sites, you can access it with these simple tricks.

Let me clear one thing that be aware of using these method because you may be punished if you get caught by your school authorities. Never ever try to misuse it for any purpose. It is purely for fun and educational purposes. I hope you like this article if you do, then share this article with your friends as many as you can. If any questions raised on your mind then let us know via your comments and suggest us so that we can improve it. Stay tuned at Modapkplus for more cool trips and tricks.


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