Gallery Vault APK Download For Android

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Hey friends, today i am gonna show you how to download Gallery Vault APK for android. As we know that we are love to use smartphones because of its features. It doesn’t matter that whether it is features of other gadgets or its own key features. We always want to use our smartphone as it became our usually habit now. If we talk about the features, camera is one of the best feature of any smartphone with amazing functions. We capture our photos and videos to make some beautiful moments and share it with our friends and family.Download Out There APK.Download Weather Timeline APK.

Gallery Vault APK Download For Android

Gallery Vault APK File Download


Where we share our photos and videos with other there we take care of one thing, We never share our privacy too. Similarly, we don’t wanna share our privacy or important content with other as well. In our absence, we always install some security on our smartphone to keep data safe from strangers.

Hence, we came here with the awesome Gallery Vault APK which is useful and helpful for you. What is Gallery Vault and what is its purposes? Gallery Vault APK is basically security app just like app locker but specially designed for hiding gallery content on your android device. Well, there are features included in this app that keep your phone safe even in your absence. Hence, with the password and some other cool credentials, you can leave your phone anywhere without any tension. This applications is minor in size but a massive featured as well to protect you phone.Download Osmos HD APK.

Let me tell you some super features including fingerprint scanner, break in alert, encryption, fake password, hiding icon as well and many other. Moreover, this app is supported on every android device from 4.0 to 7.0 android OS.

How to Download & Install Gallery Vault APK On Android

You need to focus on these simple steps to download and install Gallery Vault on your android phone.

  • Download Gallery Vault APK from this given link.
  • Go to downloaded folder, then open apk file.
  • Click on install button to install the app.
  • After installation, launch the app.
  • In next step, provide your pass-code and email address.
  • You should also checkout the tutorial given by developer in this app.
  • Change settings according
  •  to your need and then start using the app.

Gallery Vault APK Features

  • Icon Hide: The unique feature of this app is to hide icon of the application and switch it into the phone calculator. So, no one able to find out that you have an gallery vault on your phone.
  • Fake Password: In this app you can set a fake password that you can enter in front of those who knows about you using this app. Well, you can’t tell them that you are hiding something from them too. You just need to share your fake pass with them, which will open the set of picture with hidden files and folders. Whereas, you actually files will be safe and won’t affect.
  • Security Alert: For instance, you forgot your phone at one place and you are worried or curious about your phone privacy that friends may try to unlock your gallery vault. Here you don’t need to worry because if they do exactly then a security alert would be send to you through an email and you can easily track them.
  • Hide Snaps and Videos: With the help of this app, you can hide your photos and videos both primarily. Remember one can save other data secured in the vault app.
  • Convenient to Use: You can easily use this app and operate conveniently as well. Its user interface is amazing and admirable and able to find the technical glitch too.
  • Connect with Email Address: In this case, you need to connect this app with your email for security reason. For instance, if you need to reset password when you forget or recover files in case of switching your old phone with new one.
  • Other Features: This app will give you assurance of safety as it is not connected with developer’s server. Other ad dons like themes changing feature with wide color choose. No limitation of hiding photos and videos so you can hide you photos and videos as many as you want. It supports hidden files in side card so no one be able to find anything even in file manager. In the last, there is gesture of shaking phone to close it as well. If you have no time to close it manually and you are in hurry so you can close this app by shaking your phone. Isn’t cool feature.

The Bottom Line

I hope you like this article, So this was all about the Gallery Vault APK for Android. You can protect your files, secure your photos and videos with pass-code. Moreover, you can hide this app icon and switch it into phone calculator which is superb feature for all time. So, what are you waiting for? Just download and install the Gallery Vault APK for your android and enjoy it. If you have any query regarding this article then you can share with us via your comments. Also share this article with your friends as many as you can so they can take benefits from it.Download Nova 3 Freedom Edition APK.Download Cornerfly APK.

This app is in small size so there is no tension of freeing up your storage to install this app. It supports all versions of android 4.0 to 7.0 or above. Well, today every android phone is above then 4.0 so there is no chance to installation stuck on any point. Get this application on your android device and protect your data from strangers or even from your friends. You can recover your data after resetting your device or switching from one phone to another. Just connect your phone with your email address. Stay tuned at modapkplus for more cool stuff like this.Download GetTube APK.

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