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Hey friends, today i am going to talk about Cross DJ Pro apk for android device. Similarly, Cross DJ Pro is something amazing DJ Mixing. Do you love music? Yeah! who doesn’t like to listen music in the world. I think there is nobody in the world that don’t like to listen music. Similarly, everyone love to listen music on their own way. So, today i am going to talk about Cross DJ Pro apk for android device which is related to DJ Mixing. Isn’t amazing guys that there is an amazing app available for it. Moreover,we will talk about Cross DJ Pro in detail further. MIXVIBES is the company that is creating the SW since 1999 and they are the developers of Cross DJ Pro APK as well. If we talk about Cross DJ Pro then most of these apps create for computers that is difficult to operate for casual user.Download NBA JAM APK

Cross DJ Pro APK Download for Android

Download Cross DJ Pro


    These apps are basically specially made for DJ experts who uses this kind of apps for DJ Mixing of songs. But as compared to computer, using Cross DJ Pro is easy on android device with its simple functionalities.Download Limbo APK Moreover, you can download the Cross DJ and Cross DJ Pro for free. It has quite simple design that can be easily understandable for every user. We have make a list of Cross DJ Pro features mentioned below. Same as the important functions of an app are controllers which are easy to use and understand. There are a lot of amazing features available in Pro version in which user can mixing audios and can create better mixing of songs as per their interest. Let’s have a look on Cross DJ Features and Cross DJ Pro Features as well listed below.Download Shadowrun Returns Apk

Features Supported by Cross DJ Free

There are some amazing features of Cross DJ that listed below. Let’s have a look on these features.

      • Feel the music that you have design by your own way with two table of decks.
      • There are various panels and swiping tabs available. In this app hot cues automatically set music beat.
      • There is a wide range of customizable pitch range.
      • It is optimized for small screen with large buttons.
      • There are three modes of Crossfader such as Normal, autofade and cut.
      • Cross DJ supports different formats like AAC, MP3 and FLAC etc.

Pro Features Supported by Cross DJ

You can get many great features that supported by Cross DJ Pro and make an interesting mixtures of audios as per your desire. Cross DJ Pro is advance version of Cross DJ in which can get many stuff and mix your favorite tracks. Explore you Audio mixture skills to the world wit Cross DJ Pro APK. Let’s have a look on its features mentioned below.

      • There is accurate detection of music and upto the last decimal in the number system.
      • Also latest sync option that never let the music keep out to phase. You can make any track on the deck sync.
      • Similarly, hot cues and loops auto set the music beta as well.
      • There is wide range of customizable range pitch.
      • Manual pitch bend is so progressive.
      • You can listen the music you work on before you mix them.
      • There is realistic sound quality.
      • Player reacts instantly to the actions you have done on the Deck.
      • There are 72 Samples available. Just sync to the main player for mixing audios.
      • Share your work on any of the media or social media.
      • You can set auto levels of tracks and auto sync.
      • Supports audio on devices running Marshmallow.

How to use Cross DJ Pro

      • Firstly, download the Cross DJ PRO APK from this given link.Download Cross DJ Pro
      • Have you checkout the screenshot that given above. Let me explain this screenshots to you with details.
      • You can be able to work with two tracks simultaneously in Cross DJ PRO. Press the top left side “+” button to add or browse music from your device. There will be a list of Audio tracks show. Now select your favorite audio file and then it will auto loaded on the deck. Now you have to load the music file on the right side of deck and follow the same procedure as you did on the left side of deck.Download OGYouTube APK
      • When you load your music files on both sides of deck, now you have to mix the audio files as per your desire and creativity. Moreover, you can play the music by tapping on play button which is placed at the middle of two buttons at the bottom of the screen.
      • If you wanna sync the both music files that you are playing on the deck then you can use this sync option which is placed at the bottom of the screen beside the play button.
      • You are allow to control the tempo of music with the special draggable buttons.
      • Furthermore, You can control the volume of the decks using a horizontal draggable button placed at the bottom middle of the screen.
      • Similarly, you can use the equalizer tool in Cross DJ Pro by tapping on the button which is placed at middle of the screen and situated between FX and repeat buttons.Download Latest Pokemon Go APK
      • In this app, you will get approximately 16 FX which is high in quality.
      • After setting all creativity on the deck, now this is the time to record the music that you have create on the deck using inbuilt recorder.
      • In the last, there is amazing feature added in Pro version of Cross DJ that create your music more fruitful. There is a button place with the equalizer button that show the short list of special sound effects that make your music more interesting.

The Bottom Line

IF there are Pros of Cross DJ Pro then It has some cons as well. There is copyright issues with this app which is not the huge problem but it is downgrading its reputation as well. But you don’t need to worry about it because it is not much big issue as it looks. Just download the Cross DJ PRO on your android phone and create your amazing composition of music by mixing audios. This is the best and amazing audio mixing app which is basically use for DJ mixture. All necessary info regarding this article has been shared and its features are also mentioned above. All you have need to do is to follow instructions as we mention here and do exactly as instructions says. Moreover, share this article with your friends as many as you can. If you face any issue regarding this article then share with us by leaving your comments in comment section. Stay tuned at modapkplus for more cool stuff like this.Download Asphalt Nitro Latest Mod APK

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