Cornerfly APK Download For Android Latest Version

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Guys, today we are going to share a tremendous utility tool that convert your sharp corner display into corner shape of your phone. Similarly, you may notice when you go to market to purchasing mobile cases. Most of those phone cases would be rounded corner shape. Whereas, your phone has sharp corner display that may not look so cool at all. So, this amazing Cornerfly will make your phone display corner rounded by making curves at the edges. In modern era, new trend has come with the rounded corner display in mobile phones. This is not only amazing but In fact, it is an absolutely fantastic thing ever made for android user.Download Out There APK.Download Weather Timeline APK.

Cornerfly APK Download For Android Latest Version

Download Cornerfly APK File

Similarly, This kind of awesome display seen in LG mobiles. You also may say like this, LG is debut company that have brought this awesome design on their phones for the first time. Similarly, with the passage of time more good designs and latest technology have been seen on Mobile market. Furthermore, this design and curve corners which is cosmetic and cool have built interest in customers to buy these phones. So, guys if you are looking forward to get this kind of mobile in your pocket or you cannot afford these expensive cell phones. We can help you to make your dream true as per your desire with this awesome app.

How to Download & Install Cornerfly APK on your Phone


  • Just download Cornerfly APK file from this given link.
  • All you have to do is to follow this simple procedure, but you have to complete permissions before continue installation process.
  • Enable system overlay option on your phone settings. It will overlay this app draw over the app. After this option your phone display corner would become rounded corner.
  • Moreover, you need to allow accessibility in settings so that this app can put its notifications on notification bar in your mobile phone. By doing this you can tuning the corners of your phone suitably.

The question is that why we need to grant permissions of this app in our android device? The answer is that some changes cannot be done without allowing permissions on your phone. So, this is the essential part of this trick. Well, coming up with setup Cornerfly apk

Cornerfly APK Setting Up

Cornerfly is basically customized tool with amazing features as well. After setting up for the first time, you don’t need to launch this app again. So, I can bet on this as I am saying confidently. Moreover, you can have many super excited features in this app. Cornerfly apk has its pro version with $0.99 price and highly grossing features. The best thing is that you can have almost all features of this app in freeware version so why we need to buy pro version!

In Pro Version you can get rid from interrupted ads, corner size changing and some variety of corner colors.

Resizing Corners

In this corner sizing feature, you can choose the corner size of your phone display as per your need. I personally suggest you set your corner size as you want. Well, the default size of corner was fine for me, now it’s up-to you what corner size you need.

  • This app will let you choose our favorite corner color to set.
  • Tap on the Settings>>Color, when you click on color then a window will open with three slides such as R,G,B. You can choose your favorite color.

If I share my experience with you then my device rounded color was black and it was perfect for my device. So, if you have phone with white or black then you can choose another corner color as well.

Moreover, Cornerfly notification will be placed on your notification bar which can be disable in your settings. I will suggest you not to disable it because you can anytime open the app with the single tap. So, this status bar never bother you as it gives you full access to settings for customizing Cornerfly. Moreover, separate settings are given to access full screen apps such as games etc. After enabling full screen detection in Cornerfly , it will give you complete access to select whether have the cornered display on using these apps or not. This kind of feature will let you access full setup and will save your time too for going each app and setting corner rounded. In the last you have an option to toggle corner as well. You can disable them at any time but by default all are enable.Download Osmos HD APK.Download Nova 3 Freedom Edition APK.

The Bottom Line

So, guys if you are looking for a new cell phone with rounded corner shape so it is good but if you can’t afford these costly phone then Cornerfly is the best. Just install on your android phone and make your sharp corners to rounded corner easily. It is the best option for those who doesn’t have rounded corner phones so using this app will make them crazy. There are many features in this app including color changing and corner sizing change.

Furthermore, it gives you full access to make your display edges corner easily. You can customize this app as you want. Well there must be some issues with this app but they are continuously all bugs they face. I hope you love this article if you then share this article with your friends as many as you can. Every detail related to Cornerfly APK mentioned above with screenshots as well so you can understand it better. If you have any question regarding this article then you can contact us via your comments in comment section. We’ll try our best to help you and resolve your problems as soon as possible. Stay tuned at modapkplus for more cool stuff like this.Download GetTube APK.


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