Best SMS/TEXT Messaging Apps For Android

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Hello friends, today in this post i am gonna show you the best sms/text apps for your android phone. You are bored of your typical sms app then you should try these best apps. So, why we need these sms apps when we have amazing instant messaging apps like whatsapp, hike etc. Today our country is more developing and most of the people have internet access on their houses, offices as well.Download Stop Google Play From Automatic.

Best SMS/TEXT Messaging Apps For Android

We also know that there are many people in the country who never have internet connection on regular basis. This is fact but these apps for those who are bored of their default sms interface. Similarly, Many sms apps on the web you will see on but many of the apps never satisfy you. Hence, i came here with the best thing for you that suits you with good interfaces. There are also good sms apps like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus must checkout these apps.Download Cheat Engine APK.


So, guys after a lot of hard work we found some best apps for instant messaging for you and make a short list of best apps for sms. This list is not in particular order or per rating because all these apps are best for you. Now, this is upto you that what app you would love to choose. You can try these all apps on your phone one by one then may be easy for you to select best one.

List Of Best SMS/TEXT Messaging Apps For Android


Download QK SMS APK File

QK sms is the best app in the list because of its exciting user interface. Moreover, its interface and features are too attractive for users. It has awesome animations also which makes this app perfect to you. Well, there are many features in this app which you have to pay to get them. Minimum you have to pay $1.99 to unlock those features. Many themes you can use in this app.

Other features of this app are schedule sms, night mode that will be activated automatically at night. It can do backup and restore also your sms data. Popup is quickly and reply options when you get any notification of your sms. SO, what are you waiting for. Download this app from Google Play for free. Link is given here.


Download ChompSMS APK File

ChompSMS is another amazing app mentioned in the list with many great functionalities. With this app you can get many fantastic emojis and customize its looks that you want it to look. Similarly, from this app you can also get Pushbullet and can send texts to Laptop or PC.

You can schedule sms for good night and good morning to many of your thousands of contacts at a time. You can also send sms, delete, edit and do backup, restore sms with this app. Moreover, you can block contacts and make a digital signature of your message that never offers any other sms apps.

You can download ChompSMS app from Google Play. Link is given here just click on it.

Download Textra


You may heard of this sms app before. This app is also popular among all apps on the given list because of its beautiful interface and design. Its interface is too materialized that attracts people so much and people love to use it. Furthermore, it is user friendly which is very important for any application that makes people easy to use. This app can be use in dark mode so whenever you needs to change the mod you can do it.Download AnimeFlv APK.

This app takes almost no memory because it use only 3 megabytes of your memory which is quite superb. It is compatible with all android devices and have basic all features such as, send sms, edit sms, delete, block contacts etc. This app also popups quickly for reply to sms whenever you receives sms from anyone.

You can simply download this app from Google Play Store from here.

Evolve SMS

Download Evolve SMS

Another amazing sms app for the users with awesome interface and friendly user. This app has bunches of features such as, Lock screen and widgets, Isn’t exciting guys? Furthermore, you can also send your images and videos to your friends with this beautiful app. This is no the end friends, you can also protect your sms through the password which is the best ever feature in this app.

You are always concerned about privacy so there is no worry of no security. This app is integrated with Facebook, Google+. Similarly, you can schedule your messages, block the contacts, delete bulky sms and compatible with all android devices. This app is absolutely free of cost so what are you waiting for! In the last, you can also backup and restore you messages through this app.

Simply you can download this app on your android phone from Google Play Store with this link.


So guys, In this article i gave you the best list of best sms apps that you can download for free and use on your android devices. You will find many of sms apps but i always provide you the best items from analysis and hard work. You can download all these apps to your phone from given links mentioned above. In the case of internet connection goes down so these traditional sms apps saves you a fortune.

From this article you are able to choose the best one for you. I hope you like this article. If any questions raised on your mind then must share with us by your comments and suggest us. For more tips and tricks you visit our blog and share it with all of your friends. If any app that you think is the best and should be on this article then let me know must. Your comments and suggestions are very precious for me.

After many searches and analysis on apps i have tried to provide you the best apps mentioned on the list. Don’t forget to share it to your friends. Thank you so much for your love and precious time.Download Airshou Screen Recorder APK.


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