7 Best Compass Apps For Android

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Hey guys, today i am gonna show you the best compass apps for android. Do you love adventure? Why not! Everyone love to be adventurous in life. Similarly, connect with nature is essential for everyone specially in busy life. Now a days, people mostly visit malls and shopping centers while they should go for hiking and trekking instead of shopping malls etc. I hope that you might be go for hiking outside your cities then compass is essential for you.

How Compass works and what are its benefits

A compass is basically an instrument that uses for navigation and orientation. It shows you the direct directions of geographical. Moreover, this compass use for to locate EASE, WEST,NORTH and SOUTH.

In this compass a magnetic needles show the directions in two ways. For instance North and South , Ease and West. This compass that corresponds to degree , where North points would be 0 degree, when the angle increases then number corresponding also increases. Hence, 90 degree donates East, 180 degree donates South, 270 degree donates West. Generally, these are the physical appearance of the compass. Thus, relying on the compass sounds not bad guys. Similarly, now a days compass is outdated where smart phones and GPS devices take over the market. In ancient times, compass was mostly use for locating accurate directions. In today era, everyone has smartphone on their pockets and they can do anything with their smartphones.Download Maze Planet 3D Pro APK.Download Best Free Wallpapers Apps.

Hence, we came here to share some amazing compass applications for android users. This compass will tell your position and directions as well. Just imagine, if you have lost on any forest and you don’t know the exact location and direction that you need to follow then this compass will help you. There is no special magnetic sensor need on your mobile phones. With the progress of technology, you will get an digital compass on your android. Let’s have a look on best compass apps for android.Download to Access Blocked Websites On School.

Top Compass Apps For Android

Compass Pro

Download Compass Pro APK File

This compass application is absolutely free to use for android users. This app has amazing interface with High definition display and user friendly as well. It will show you real time orientation. This app has many features such as showing many info on screen like latitude, Longitude, altitude, location, speed, barometric pressure and magnetic field. You can download this compass pro from this link.

Compass 360 Pro

Download Compass 360 Pro

Well friends, this app is depends on the performance of your device. It’s not must that all compasses work properly in all areas whereas this app can be able to work on all areas. If compass still not working then there is might be issue with your device. Similarly, from this app you can lock and unlock your coordinates. Many skins available in this app that means you can change different skins in this app. Built in features in this app are GPS, longitude, altitude. You can download this compass 360 pro from this link, just tap on it.

3D Compass Pro

Download 3D Compass Pro

This is another great app which designed as 3-Dimensional with the reality view. It shows you accurate location with beautiful interface as well. Developers designed this app with awesome features like it can rotate automatically and provide information also. Other features in this app are front-face camera, degree count, headings and address tracker also. You can download this 3D Compass Pro from this given link. Simply just press on download button.

Download Marine Compass


If you love to travel on ship or boat then you must have this awesome marine compass. This compass application is perfect for you while traveling to sea areas. This app featured with 3-dimensional with huge text labeling and headings. From this app you can set display information through GPS system. You can also set your compass on your phone home screen. To download this amazing marine compass click on this link.

Accurate Compass

Download Accurate Compass

Accurate compass provides a 3-Dimensional view just like other traditional compasses. Similarly, this app is easy to usage regarding navigation. The amazing thing in this app is that you don’t need to hold your mobile on flat surface. This app will work perfectly as you hold your mobile parallel to the ground. Let me clear one thing, this app works with magnetometer to show accurate results that’s why the device must not effected by other magnetic fields. You should keep your device away from other electronic devices as mush as possible for you. From this link you can download Accurate Compass for free.Download to Hide Apps on Android Phone Easily.

AndroiTS Compass

Download AndroiTS Compass

This is the digitized compass for android which looks like army compasses. This app can show you location and position as well. You will see a the camera icon on the app that let user to scan whole terrain. User can change the background, skin and colors as per your need. It can also share your location with google maps. Tap on download button and get in your android just for free.

Digital Compass

Download Digital Compass

This digital compass app is so simple to use for users because of its simpler interface. When you will use this app you will feel comfortable with it because of its black background. Moreover, its interface is so nice to use. As this app is freeware that’s why you may face some adds on it but in pro version there are no adds issue. This freeware app has no map support but available on pro version. Whereas other side pro version has many features like altitude, longitude, full screen map and magnetic field. Hit on the download button and get this app free of cost.

Digital Field Compass

Download Digital Field Compass

Another amazing and simple app waits for you to download and use this app. This app’s interface is so simple but accurate. It can store bearings also such as Rectangle, Square and Circle. This app will provide you all the necessary files on the display while it shows the headings in degree. Download link is available here.


So friends, these are the some best compass apps for android users. You should must try these awesome apps. You may download and install these apps one by one then select best match for you. These compasses may be not useful everywhere but sometime you can be on that place where you need this. So, download and install these apps on your android and enjoy. If any questions raised on your mind then let us know by your comments in comment section. Share this article with your friends as many as you can. Thank you so much for your love and support.





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