10 hacks Every Android User Must Know

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Hey guys whats up? Today i am going to share amazing and cool thing with you. There is something that you might not be able to live without and what is that? May be you holding that thing in your hand right now. Absolutely guys you are thinking right. Yeah your Android. Similarly, android is the thing that you carry everywhere and can use it anywhere at anytime which is also your small workstation also. So guys, what is the purpose of this article?.Download How To Show CPU Temperature.

10 hacks Every Android User Must Know

The purpose of this article is to aware you about some best hacks of android that you must have know. In order to prevent any issue or face problem you need to know about some android hacks. These hacks are significant for every android user. Now just check out the hacks for android users mentioned below.

#1 Charge your phone by connecting USB Port with Television

Sometimes you don’t have a charger nearby you or your siblings use your charger and your phone is about to discharge. What option do you have? In this case, what will you do to charge your phone. So there charge with TV would be the best option, otherwise wait for your charge to be free to use for your phone. This option could be not best for you but when there is no other option then this is the best available. It may be charge slowly your phone than your charger because charger can charge your phone faster with it power. In this case, if you lost your charger or no more powerbank charging you have the best option to charge your phone with TV.Download 360 Super ROOT.

#2 Google Translation And Google Maps are Beneficial

Download Google Translation

Download Google Maps

Many people are fond of travelling i am sure that you are also love to travel to many place. Have you ever think about different languages of different places? Well, English is the most common language in the world but you cannot rely on it. For instance, you have lost your crew or the directions on the foreign land then what option do you have? Yes Google translation and maps can save you from any issue. Google translate can translate every foreign language and maps can show you the right way of your destination. Similarly, you can find your crew with the help of Google translation and Maps. So just download the Google Translation and Maps on your phone.

#3 Safety APPS


Today security is the major issue in the world. If we talk about safety then this is essential for everyone that their well wiser should know about you that where you are. Similarly, mishaps or any issue can be happen at anytime. It will never come with notification. Furthermore, it does matter that if you are traveling in foreign place with crew or alone then somebody must know about your location. There are many security apps available in Play Store for free. These apps will guard you and let your friend or family know about your location for security purpose. So every android user must have these apps on their android phone.

#4 Google Voice Or Skype that Save You From Extra Charges

Today everyone use internet through their careers network so that they can talk to their someone. It is OK to be use withing area where you live but if you traveling on international lands or places then you can avoid your extra charges or bill amounts. Today in modern era technology is taking everything under. So, here is advice for everyone that now Google Duo and google voice are available for you that can work on WiFi or career network as well. You should use inbuilt facilities like Google Voice, Google Duo or Skype. There are many Software’s available on the internet that allows you to do make a voice calls or video calls to your love one.Download The Room.

#5 Offline Reading

What is offline reading? Are you familiar with it? Those people who love to read books and frustrated or hate to socializing, this article is just for them. Offline reading is something which is consider extremely awesome. Most of the people love to read books everywhere. Of course hard copies are there for you when you need to read but you can’t carry them everywhere. This is hard task to do for everyone. So, when you have android then everything you have that you may get on your books. Many apps on internet are available for book reader who love to read books. They can read the books on their phones without carry any books or hard copies.

#6 No More Remote Control Fighting

Have you ever clash with your sibling and scolded by your mother? Absolutely Yes. It is common thing in every house. When you wanted to watch television and your younger brother/sister snatch remote control from you then you don’t have any option except to give up. Hence, we are now sharing you the best hack for android. Now, you can change any channel of your TV through your android with the app. There are many TV apps available on PlayStore so that you can connect it with TV and control whole TV with your android device. Furthermore, you can connect it with you room AC, theaters and music systems also.

#7 Disable Irritate Google Ads

Have you ever face google ads while using your smartphone? How irritate and frustrated thing is when you are using your phone and google ads interrupting again and again. So don’t worry guys this android hack will help you to terminate all these stupid adds on your phone. All you need to do is just download the Adds free application from PlayStore and install on your phone. This app will prevent all those unnecessary adds that irritate you and your work on android.

#8 Gesture Typing

Download GBoard

For those who are lazy or irritated of typing keys on the phone and bound of multi work so that this gesture typing will help them. It means that if you don’t wanna typing or tired of typing then you can use gesture typing to easily convey your message to your friends. Most of the smartphones specially android devices have gesture typing feature but if still you don’t have then you can download it on PlayStore. The application is called SlideIT free keyboard. From this app you don’t need to press keys on keyboard just slide your finger continuously in form of word. You can download it from here.Download Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing APK.

#9 Guests Will be Welcomed

Are you concerned about privacy of your phone. So in order to preserve the privacy or security from the guests, there are application for security available on the internet. Sometime you have to give you phone to your friend or any guest for some days then you always transfer your all data to another device. In this case, they never access your personal¬† data. This is the time taken task which is complex for everyone to do. That’s why android comes with the new feature like guest mode, where you can turn your mobile into guest mode which make your mobile limited for access. After guest mode enable the person who is using your phone will access all inbuilt apps but not your personal data. Similarly, LG mobiles have this feature whereas other android may have not. So, if you are android user than you can download it from PlayStore.Download Game Guardian.

#10 Dumpster

Download Dumpster

Today everyone is using smartphone In fact, the common thing that mostly use in the world is smartphone which is not wrong to say. Absolutely if you have smartphone then you have a lot of data on your phone. But sometimes you frustrated of getting a lot of files you need to just clean up your phone memory and you delete the files. After sometime you regret of this because may be you just lost some of your imp files. In this case, Dumpster will be beneficial for the users. You can download it from the Google Play Store. This app is used for keeping your deleted files in recycle bin for a specific time. So you can get back your lost files with the help of this app. You can also set the time period in this app. So what are you waiting for? We provided the link below just download it from here.


So guys, these are the hacks actually best hacks for you that you can do in daily life routine to make you life more easier. I hope you like this article about hacks. Just enjoy the hacks and make yourself comfortable. Share this article with your friends and family and share your experiences with us. Your suggestions are valuable for us so don’t forget to suggest us if you think that we miss anything. Keep visit our blog modapkplus and stay tuned. Thank you so much for your love.

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